Thai instruments

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thai instruments

This blog is about Thai musical instruments. I choose this topic because I want everyone to know what are the instruments in my country. It shows and represents the culture and tradition of Thailand. Thai instruments are grouped into four categories, ditt,sii,tii and paw (or known as plucked,bowed,hit and blown instruments) according to the way human producing sound. Let's see what are some of the instruments.

Ditt (plucked instruments)
1) Jakhae (จระเข้)
This instrument was made from wood and was shape like crocodile. It was played by plucking the string on the instrument. It is also an inportant member of all the string ensembles.

Sii (bowed instruments)
1) Saw U (ซออู้)
This instrument is a two-stringed instrument. The head is made from coconut shell that was carved into thai traditional patterns. The pattern or model for Saw U was probably taken from Chinese instrument.

Tii (hit instruments)
1) Ranad Ek (ระนาดเอก)
This instrument was made from wood. It was made by having many long pieces of woods connected by ropes and was held on it's body. The instrument was played by using stick with clothes at the edge and hit the woods on the Ranad, it would make a beautiful sound.

2)Khawng Wong (ฆ้องวง)
This instrument was called"circle of gongs." There were two size, big and small(Yai and Lek). The Khawng Wong Lek was invented during King Rama III (1824-1854). The framework is almost a complete circle or oval, inside the players sit on the ground to play

Paw (blown instruments)
1) Khlui (ขลุ่ย)
This instrument was made from round and hollow woods with small seven holes. It was played by cover the holes with your fingers and blow. The khlui is probably the first wind instrument which the Thai invent.

These were only some of the Thai instruments, there are much more such as Kim, Ching,Thai drums,Saw Sum Sai etc.